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Two men in snow with Mt. Rainier in the distance. One man is smiling and wearing warm Mainers mittens.

Gloves vs. Mittens: The Choice is Clear When It’s Really Cold

Whether you’re planning an epic ski adventure or shoveling the driveway in sub-zero temperatures, warm hands are a must.

It’s not only your comfort that’s at stake. When exposed to extreme cold, you risk frostbite in as little as 10 minutes.

Extremities like fingers can be some of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies, so it’s crucial to give them maximum protection. That’s why, when the thermometer drops to single digits, you should strongly consider mittens over gloves.

Want to know why? Read on.

Why Are Mittens Warmer Than Gloves?

  1. Less Outside Surface Area
    Let’s say you measured the seam along the outside edge of a mitten. Then, you measured the seam of a similarly-sized glove, making sure to work your way around each finger. You’d find the seam on a glove to be considerably longer.

In other words, all that fabric running along the edges of each finger means more surface area in direct contact with the elements. More surface area translates to more opportunity for heat to escape.

  1. Fewer Seams
    Seams represent a weak spot when it comes to insulation. So, while they’re necessary for the construction of both gloves and mitts, you want as few seams as possible.

Since – as we discussed in the previous section – a mitten has fewer seams than a glove, there are comparatively fewer opportunities for heat to escape.

  1. Your Fingers Occupy the Same Space
    It’s no accident that when it’s cold, your pooch or kitty tries to sneak into bed with you. You and your fur baby are more efficient at conserving heat together than when you’re apart.

The same concept holds true (on a smaller scale) when you wear mittens. Your fingers literally help keep each other warm.

  1. Because Science
    We’re guessing he might have had some time on his hands during those cold Antarctic nights, but a researcher went through the trouble to test the effectiveness of various gloves and mittens in extreme temperatures. Based on his studies, mittens consistently outperformed gloves.
  1. The Warmest Gloves for Raynaud’s Are Actually Mittens
    If you suffer from Raynaud's disease, keeping your hands warm takes on a whole new level of importance.

For maximum heat retention, mittens win hands down (no pun intended).  

Here at Mainers, we’re such big believers in mittens that we’re focusing 100% of our effort on them in winter 2021. If you’re serious about staying warm, Mainers mitts are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

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