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Mainers Mitts: Honoring Maine’s Legacy in Quality Textiles

Mainers Mitts: Honoring Maine’s Legacy in Quality Textiles

Maine Made Textile Goods are Legendary 

When we think of Maine, lobsters come to mind (for a very good reason), plus stunning natural wonders like Acadia National Park, and the outdoor retailer L.L. Bean.

One doesn’t always, however, associate Maine with manufacturing the way we equate automobiles with Detroit or tech startups with Silicon Valley.

Despite this, Maine boasts a proud history of innovation in a variety of industries, including paper products, electronics, and even shipbuilding and aerospace.

But if you look back almost 200 years, you’ll discover that Maine was the country’s pioneer and leader in large-scale textile manufacturing.

Between factories such as Saco Manufacturing, Laconia Mills, and Pepperell Mills in Saco and Biddeford, as well as the Bates Mill in Lewiston, chances are if it was made of cotton, it was made in Maine.

And with the “Made in Maine” label, you could expect lasting quality and honest value. 

Unfortunately, Cheap Eventually Won Over Good

Throughout the 1940s, Maine’s textile industry remained strong. But as with other industries, pressures to find cheap labor caused manufacturing to gradually shift to overseas factories. By 2001, even the Bates Mill (which once employed tens of thousands of people) closed its doors. 

Thankfully, American-Made Products are Making a Comeback

In recent years, people have rediscovered the benefits of USA-made products. Whether you value superior craftsmanship, premium-quality materials, or doing your part to support American workers and communities, there’s no shortage of compelling reasons to shop American made.

And that trend continues here in Maine, too!

We’re discovering newer organizations like American Roots, who offer American made and sourced clothing out of Westbrook, as well as the aforementioned L.L. Bean, who’ve made their iconic boots in Brunswick, since 1912.

In fact, a visit to Maine Made, created by the State of Maine’s Department of Economic & Community Development, will reveal a dizzying array of amazing things made in Maine, ranging from boats, to furniture, to jewelry, to (of course) premium textile goods. 

Mainers: Proudly Honoring Maine’s Textile Traditions

We at Mainers are also doing our part.

Since 1980, we’ve handcrafted our commercial-grade cryogenic gloves, aprons, and shoe covers (trusted by leading labs, the US military, and even NASA) out of our Mount Desert headquarters.

Now, we’re using our 40 years of know-how, passion, and pride to bring you the Mainers glove and mitt. One hundred percent handcrafted in Maine using more than 95% US-sourced materials, you will not find a higher-quality, better performing product for extreme winter protection.

In short, it’s worthy of Maine’s rich history.