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Why is Made in America Important?

Why is Made in America Important?

Why is Made in America Important?

These days, more and more shoppers seek a “Made in USA” tag or sticker when making purchase decisions.

A lot of factors go into the trend, including tariffs that affect price, fear of trade wars, wanting to support fellow Americans and helping build a strong economy.

As this article in Forbes suggests, however, “USA made” is important to most Americans, but not everyone is completely on board when it comes time to part with their money.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that American made goods offer many advantages over their foreign-sourced counterparts. This makes it well worth the extra effort to find products made here.

Reasons to Choose American Made Products

Quality Counts
According to Consumer Reports, respondents to a recent survey “…praised the quality of U.S.-made products: 61 percent said that U.S. clothing and shoes were of better quality than foreign goods (34 percent said “much better” and 27 percent said “somewhat better”).”

While quality manufacturing can be found all over the world, it is safe to say that many business decisions to manufacture overseas are almost always driven by a singular desire to cut costs. Decisions to keep manufacturing stateside, on the other hand, are often driven by the goal to better control quality, foster innovation, and offer a premium product to consumers. That’s why it’s common for a company’s entry-level products to be foreign made while their top-of-the-line offerings are manufactured here.

Better for the Environment
In terms of environmental impact, would it make more sense to walk to the grocery store down the block, or to get in your car and drive to a grocer 20 miles away?

Thinking in these terms, consider the impact of shipping products from an overseas factory to the warehouse of an American product company.

For starters, take into account the fuel consumption of a cargo ship, which uses upwards of 225 tons of fuel per day. Since these ships burn a low-grade fuel with extremely high sulfur content, some experts compare the emissions of one ship equivalent to 50 million cars. Next, factor in the energy required to offload the cargo, then ship it by rail and/or truck to a US warehouse. It’s mind-boggling to think of the impact of all this shipping…and that’s merely one of many factors.

Now imagine the reduction in environmental impact if those same goods were made in the same state, town, or even building as the warehouse they are distributed from.

You Can Get It When You Want It
It often takes six weeks from the time a foreign-made product is ordered by a company to the time it arrives in a warehouse, ready to ship to a store or a consumer. That’s why when something is on backorder, it can sometimes take months for you to get it.

When products are made in the USA, you eliminate ocean freight, customs, and then rail and/or truck transport to a US warehouse. This drastically reduces - and in some cases eliminates extended backorders.

US manufacturing also reduces the time it takes for a new product to become available, putting the latest, “must-have” items in your hands sooner.

Creates Jobs
In the last 20 years, the US has lost more than 5 million manufacturing jobs, around 28 percent.

While there’s much debate over the causes – automation, trade, globalization, etc. – you can’t argue the obvious connection between the decision to manufacture here and the creation of jobs. And these jobs not only encompass assembly line workers, but facilities managers, maintenance and janitorial crews, human resources professionals, and so on.

Improves the Economy
When you open a factory in the US, local construction crews are needed to build it and local trucking companies are required to deliver materials. Once it’s up and running, the community enjoys an increase to its tax base while local businesses (restaurants, shops, insurance agents, apartment complexes, gas stations, car dealerships, and more) enjoy a significant bump in business.

When manufacturing is moved overseas, all of these added benefits go away with the jobs.

When you consider all of these factors, the decision to buy Made in USA products is an easy one! That is exactly why Mainers products are 100% sourced, manufactured and assembled in the USA. We hope you’ll join with us to support businesses dedicated to sourcing and crafting in America.