Mainers - The World's Best Winter Mitts

  • Superior Waterproofing

    Our mitts undergo the same vacuum testing for waterproofness that our cryogenic gloves go through.

  • Precision Stitching

    Stitched strong, our mitts are built to stand up to daily abuse.

  • Unbeatable Warmth

    After 30 minutes in a 0°F cooling bath, Mainers outperformed leading competitors.

  • Made in Maine, USA

    Handcrafted in Trenton, Maine—the gateway to Acadia National Park.

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We Know Cold

100% Made in the USA by the people who for decades have been protecting people at NASA, the U.S. Military, NATO, and many more from the extreme cold. These premium winter mittens deliver a level of quality, comfort, and insulation previously unavailable to serious outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Stay Outside Longer

    Colorado-based hiker Daniel Flanagan tested a pair of Mainers in the harshest conditions he can find in mid-November.

  • Ditch the Liner

    We sent Maine-based nature photographer Tyler Kimbar a pre-production pair of Mainers gloves and asked for his honest feedback.

  • Quality You Can Feel

    We love Pine & Water because they appreciate life in New England as much as we do.

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