Made in Maine.

We've been protecting the hands of NASA, the US Military, NATO and many more from extreme cold for decades. Now it's your turn.

Warmth and Grip

The Mainers glove delivers a combination of warmth, grip and durability that you can count on whether you're cutting through powder, or digging your car out of the driveway.

Enduring Warmth

By combining 4 fingers into the same waterproof, heavily insulated space, the Mainer Mitt delivers boosted warmth while the supple build provides consistent freedom of movement.

Mainers Extreme Cold Winter Glove and Mitt

Built to go wherever winter takes you.

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  • Durability and Dexterity

    Lightweight, flexible and built to take a beating, these gloves can handle the toughest winters.

  • Double Waterproofed

    A combination of durable water repellent and a waterproof interior layer ensures that the insulation inside works, no matter how wet your environment

  • Cooler and More Comfortable

    A moisture-wicking interior helps eliminate heat robbing sweat build up and keep you comfortable

  • Painstaking Quality

    Our team has been building extreme cold protection for decades. With customers like NASA, the US Military, NATO and more, perfection is not negotiable.

Built Differently

  • Millions of Stitches and Counting

    We've been in business for forty years, and many of our employees have been with us since the very beginning. This means millions of stitches, hundreds of thousands of cuts and decades building cold protection right. We're not afraid to say it: our expertise is World Class.

  • Invested in Maine

    We make our gloves and mitts here in Trenton, Maine. In a community that we're committed to building something special in, creating jobs in, and because we know a little something about just how harsh winter can be.

  • Domestically Sourced

    We've worked hard to source 99% of the parts for both the Mainers Glove and Mitt here in the US. This keeps our supply chain close at hand, while helping ensure jobs for our country.

Meet Mainers

15 minutes away from Acadia National Park, our team brings decades of sewing and textiles experience to great the best gloves and mitts ever made.