From Our Hands, to Yours.

Our gear will help keep you out there longer–whether you’re on the slopes, on the trails, on the ice, or in your backyard. Everything we make is made in Maine by people who know cold.

  • Peaks Mitt

    Warm, comfortable, lightweight and very durable, the Peaks is the perfect mitt for your everyday winter needs.

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  • Portland Mitt

    Premium leather tumbled for a perfect patina that will only get better with age. You'll want to put on our Portland Mitts each and every morning just to feel cozy.

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  • Caribou Mitt

    The Caribou Mitt is a union of form and function, blending your style statement with the steadfastness required for outdoor adventures.

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  • Rangeley Gloves

    With exceptional dexterity designed for precision in cold conditions, our Rangeley Gloves keep your hands comfortable, moisture-free, and agile.

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We Know Cold

100% Made in the USA by the folks who have been protecting NASA, the U.S. Military, NATO, and many more from the extreme cold for decades. Our premium winter gloves and mittens deliver a level of quality, comfort, and insulation previously unavailable to serious outdoor enthusiasts.

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