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Mainers All-Leather Extreme Cold Mitts

Mainers All-Leather Extreme Cold Mitts

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We are so excited to introduce our latest product: the new all-leather mitt! Made of natural, full-grain, soft goat skin leather and designed to be even more durable and long-lasting, this leather mitt wears beautifully and offers excellent wind resistance for all your cold-weather adventures.  Mainers Extreme Cold Mittens combine multiple insulative layers with two-stage water protection plus an interior that wicks sweat away from your skin. 100% Made in the USA by the people who for decades have been protecting people at NASA, the U.S. Military, NATO, and many more from the extreme cold. These premium all-leather winter mittens deliver a level of quality, comfort, and insulation only Mainers provides.
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  • High quality full grain leather for optimal wind resistance
  • More insulation than any other snow mitten on the consumer market
  • Durable and long lasting all leather exterior backed by a waterproof lining
  • Made in Maine by the same folks who protect people in NASA, the U.S. military, and NATO from extreme cold


  • The moisture-wicking interior keeps you warm and dry
  • Super soft fleece lining for maximum comfort
  • Easy-closure hardware ensures a solid seal from the elements
  • Extra-long drawstring gauntlet fits easily over jacket sleeves to keep snow out
  • Removable elastic wrist strap leashes


  • Durable water repellent leather exterior backed by a waterproof lining
  • All-natural leather provides enhanced grip and flexibility in extreme cold
  • 100% handcrafted in Maine
  • Made with 95% US-sourced materials and components

Recommended Uses

  • Snowmobile mittens
  • Ski mittens
  • Ice climbing mittens
  • Fat bike mittens
  • All-purpose snow mittens for extreme winter use


  • Mainers mitts are designed to be used as both winter mittens for men and winter mittens for women.

Need help finding your size? Check out our guide here.

Warmth and Dexterity

The Mainers all-leather mitts strike the perfect balance of warmth, dexterity, and durability. The high-quality full-grain leather mitts are simply the best winter protection, whether you're cutting through powder or digging your car out of the driveway.

Extreme Protection

By sheltering all four fingers in the same waterproof, heavily insulated space, Mainers all-leather winter mittens keep you warm in the harshest conditions. The flexible materials and anatomically-optimized construction provide a freedom of movement other snow mittens can’t touch.

Durable and Tough

Lightweight and flexible yet built to take a beating. Made with the highest quality materials, these waterproof mitts can handle the harshest winters and wear.

Double Waterproofing

Combining a durable water repellent full grain leather with a waterproof and breathable interior membrane ensures that the insulation inside works, no matter how wet your environment.

Dependable Materials

From the GORE-TEX® liner to the fleece and even the pulls, we source the very best materials to make Mainers. That's why we're pleased to share that every pair of Mainers comes complete with pulls from fellow Maine company Sterling Rope. Sterling is a legendary rope manufacturer whom tens of thousands of climbers, arborists, and rescue professionals around the world trust to keep them safe every day. We're proud to feature them in our products.