Testing and Performance

Incredible Performance

Tested like no other. Our Mainers gloves and mitts have been subjected to the very same rigorous testing we put our cryogenic gloves through. Why? Because we build the best, you deserve the best, and well, we wouldn't put our names on anything short of that.

How long do Mainers last in the cold? Well, longer than our testers can stay awake for, that's for sure.

Mainers Extreme Cold Mitts Tested and Proven


Tested: Warm

After 30 minutes in a 0°F cooling bath, Mainers outperformed leading competitors.


Tested: Durable

Stitched strong, our mitts are built to stand up to daily abuse. Don't try this at home.

Cold Weather Mittens Tested


Tested: Water Repellant

What does this mean for you? You can keep your mitts on while ice fishing, shovel slush without a worry, and ski care-free while any wet just rolls right off your hands.


Water repellent gloves and mitts


Tested: Waterproof

Our mitts undergo the same vacuum testing for waterproofness that our cryogenic gloves go through.

Winter mitts and gloves


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