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Mainers Extreme Cold Mitt


Mainers Extreme Cold Mitt


Built to deliver maneuverability, grip, and warmth even when the mercury has bottomed out, the Mainers Extreme Cold Mitt combines multiple insulative layers with dual water protection and an interior that wicks sweat away from your skin. 100% Made in the USA, by the people who have been protecting NASA, the US Military, and many more from the extreme cold for decades. This mitt delivers a level of quality, comfort, and insulation few have experienced.


  • More insulation than any other mitt on the consumer market
  • Durable water repellent exterior backed by a waterproof lining
  • All-natural leather provides an enhanced grip and flexibility in extreme cold
  • Super soft fleece lining combined with a moisture-wicking interior
  • Easy-closure hardware ensures a solid seal
  • Extra-long design slips easily under jacket sleeves
  • Precision stitching all done in Maine
  • Built to balance warmth and dexterity

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